The Holodomor Story

In the period of 1932–1933 a disastrous famine occurred throughout the Soviet Union, affecting areas including but not limited to Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Lower Volga and the North Caucasus. It has been used to claim that a genocide took place against Ukrainians through deliberate ‘terror–famine’ by the Soviet government. To try to present the famine as another Holocaust it has been branded with the similar name ‘Holodomor’ (meaning famine–plague) in recent times. Continue reading

The U.S.S.R. and the Colonial Peoples by Ho Chi Minh

Colonialism is a leech with two suckers, one of which sucks the metropolitan proletariat and the other that of the colonies. If we want to kill this monster, we must cut off both suckers at the same time. If only one is cut off, the other will continue to suck the blood of the proletariat, the animal will continue to live, and the cutoff sucker will grow again. Continue reading

“Kharkov” to “East Ghouta”: Imperialist propaganda has long used false photographs

Recently the Syrian Army has launched an operation to capture areas held by terrorists, in Eastern Ghouta, who have been shelling civilian areas in Damascus. Unsurprisingly, just as before in East Aleppo, a propaganda war has been launched by proimperialist forces condemning the Syrian army and calling for foreign powers to intervene and attack Syria. On social media, photos showing scenes of the results of bombing and destruction have widely been shared to target peoples’ emotions while calling for imperialist intervention. Continue reading